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Passionate Belly Dance

Madam Habib is a multi award winning
professional Egyptian/American Cabaret
and Tribal Style Belly Dancer with 21
years of experience.
Habib offers vivacious, elegant and
inspiring Belly Dance entertainment for
your special event. Single or troop
 performances available.

To add EXTRA spice to your event,
ask Madam Habib to charm your
guests with fire and snakes!

Videos of Madam Habib click link below:

                                Madam Habib on YouTube

Madam Habib has performed on four continents and holds
the titles of "Belly Dancer of the Universe" peoples choice 2004,
"Belly Dancer of the Universe Fusion Category Champion 2004" 
"Belly Dancer USA 1999" peoples choice and
"Shake and Bake 2007" Troop category 1st place winner.
 Habib appeared on the "Late Show" with David Letterman in
2004 Performance Rock Theater "OptimistiChaos" in 2009
IAMED DVDs "Belly Dance Rocks", "Belly Dance Revolutions"
"Belly Dance Live!", "Belly Dance Sensations"
and "Belly Dance-o-Rama" volumes Two and Three.

 How did Belly Dance begin?

  Belly Dance is potentially mankind's oldest form of dance.
It's origins are thought to rise from the fertility rites of
ancient peoples who lived with in a Matrifocal culture
in the areas surrounding the Mediterranean.

Over time "Belly Dancing" evolved from a sacred ritual
 into celebrations, social gatherings and eventually
secular entertainment.
Around the world, the Dance still exists
in all of these forms today. In countries like Egypt,
Belly Dance can be seen in five star hotels with large
orchestras. "Raqs Sharki" (Dance of the East) is performed
hours on end with the dancer testing her endurance as she
swirls about in a variety of costume and musical orchestral
changes. It all depends on the talent of the dancer and their
Belly Dance can also be found in raunchy nightclubs in Egypt
as well as elegant celebrations, weddings, festivals
and in the home where groups of women gather to socialize,
meet new friends, and at times to select potential future
brides for their relatives.
Belly Dance or "Raqs Sharki" is also known as
"Danse du Ventre" (Dance of the Stomach)
and "hoochie koochie" (mistakenly after
 the Kooch dancers of India).


For entertainment at your event email MadamHabib@yahoo.com